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How to Purchase and Use Bitcoin?

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Since a lot more companies and people are using bitcoin in 2017, compared to a few years ago, you are probably asking what you need to do in order to exchange your traditional money into bitcoins. This article was designed specifically for that and it will show you, step by step, what you need to do in order to purchase bitcoins and use them to acquire goods and services.                         First, you need to know that […]

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Simple Bitcoin Technical Trading System

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Trading bitcoin is not different than trading other financial contracts like forex or commodities. Also, now that more and more brokers have included bitcoin on their instruments list, you can also profit from bitcoin price movements while applying the same methods you already know. This article will discuss a simple and basic setup any of you could use to generate profit while trading bitcoin. Breakout-pullback system This is a trading setup that helps you exploit trending environment, so it will offer you with-trend trading signals. By using […]

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Trading Bitcoins at the Bitcoin Exchange

As we mentioned in our article Introduction to Bitcoins, at the present time, in order to mine the cryptocurrency you will need an advance hardware that could help you do that. Because of that issue, probably most of the ones who are reading this article can’t afford to buy an equipment that costs a few thousands dollar on average. Bitcoin Exchanges However, you still have the possibility of profiting from the price fluctuations of bitcoin, through a bitcoin exchange. Now that you know what are bitcoins, you […]

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Where to Buy Bitcoins from Reliable Bitcoin Exchanges

If you are reading this article, you most likely have a basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. Also, probably you think this could be a profitable industry and you would like to invest your own money in cryptocurrencies. However, as with all the speculative investments opportunities, it takes time, a lot of study and practice in order to fully understand what you need to do to generate profits out of this industry. We’ve designed this article in order to help you find the best bitcoin exchange and […]

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How to Send and Receive Money with Bitcoin

Making an international money transfer is most of the time costly and it takes roughly around 5 days until it is complete. Even though in the recent years new alternatives to the commonly used international bank transfer had appeared (like MoneyGram or Western Union) the fees had remained high. Plus, there is another disadvantage you should take seriously into account and that is the suboptimal exchange rates that this companies offer. A recent study of the World Bank shows that the average remittances cost are at 7.45% […]

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Easy Payments Using Bitcoins

As cryptocurrencies become more and more popular these days, you have a lot of places which accept payments using this currencies, so, in case you own some of them, in particular bitcoins, this article was designed to guide you through the process which will help you to be able to make payments using bitcoin.                             What steps do you need to follow in order to be able to make payments in bitcoins? The first […]

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What is Bitcoin Investment?

As any other ordinary currency, bitcoin has its own exchange rate and not only that, but also, you can be a bitcoin trader and profit from its price fluctuations. Since Bitcoin managed to almost reach 5000$ price level, that has drawn media attention and more and more people are beginning to get interested in trading bitcoins.               How could you trade bitcoin? There is no particular way which is applied to trading bitcoins. Nowadays, you can be a bitcoin trader by […]

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Where Can You Buy Bitcoins?

Since Bitcoin had an astonishing performance in 2017, almost reaching the 5000$ milestone, people got interested and want to find out more about bitcoin trading and how they could profit from price fluctuations, as some optimistic analysts suggest that bitcoin price could reach a staggering 100.000$.                         How could you buy bitcoins? If you want to exchange fiat money, or ordinary money into bitcoin, in other words, make a placement and use bitcoin as a long […]

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